Click Here, or on the image to the left, to listen to our nationally televised segment on CNN being aired around the world. CNN reporter Tom Foreman inverviews CMG owners Neal and Kathy Grigg as part of a Special Coverage National Series entitled, “Building Up America”.

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Click Here, or on the image to the left to watch the WFMY Channel 2 news report on Carolina Mattress Guild’s feature on CNN. Celebrate with us and the residents of Thomasville as we are recognized for producing quality products that compete with national mega-brands, using local Thomasville craftsmen and craftswomen and local American    vendors and products. A very proud day for            everyone in the CMG family!
You spend one third of your life, asleep on your mattress. The more we learn about sleep, and the mattresses we sleep on, the more we learn how restorative and critical your sleep and mattress is to your o verall health, vitality, and overall enjoyment of life. Most of us invest more time researching the car we drive, yet s pend less than 10% of our lives behind the wheel of one. At Carolina Mattress Guild, we approach your sleep, and your mattress choices with a “new born reverence”. We manufacture every mattress to the highest levels of Thomasville quality, carefully researching the world’s finest natural ingredients before we ever let it touch your skin. Discover for yourself what happens when cutting edge sleep science, all natural mattress ingredients, and Artisan craftsmanship meet up to form the deepest, restorative, dream filled sleep you’ve ever encountered.
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