Living Room Sets

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* All Sets include Sofa and Love Seat.
** Call Alex for Matching Chairs, Recliners, Chase & Ottomans Available!

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Dailey Chocolate_Updated 95403-38-35-08-T388

Dailey Alloy_Updated 95401

Bisenti Chocolate Sofa & Loveseat

Baveria Fog Special

Lilou_Heather_97C Living Set_clearance


Jarreau Blue 5PC Living Set Update_11502

Jarreau Charcoal 5PC Living Set Update_11502

Aldie Nuvella Quartz Sofa Chaise_68705-18-SET

Aldie Nuvella Quartz Sofa Chaise & Loveseat_68705-18-35-T053

Forshan Nuvella Sand Set_66905-38-35-94705-21-30-08

Alenya Quartz Set Updated_16600

Alenya Charcoal Set Update_16601-38-35-08-t585_1

Wixon Putty Set_57003

Wixon Slate Living Set_57002

Derekson Large TV Stand_W200-68

Sumatra Chocolate Update_8645

Julson Cafe Living Set Updated_26604

Julson Dune Living Set Updated_26601

Julson Ebony Set Updated_26600-38-35-t228

Barrish Sisal Sofa & Loveseat_update

Calicho Cashmere Living Set_91202-38-35-60-T004 (1)

Avelynne Ocean Living Set_81302-38-35-T086

Delta City Steel Sofa 19700-38-SW

Tibbee Slate Set Update_99101-38-35-T138

Tibbee Slate Chaise Updated_99101-15

Laryn Khaki Living Set Updated_51902

Darcy Cafe Sofa & Loveseat 75004-38-35-T003

Darcy Cafe Sofa Chaise & Loveseat 75004-18-35-T408

Gayler Steel Living Room Set 41201-38-35-20-14-T408

Sumatra Java Sofa & Loveseat_91603-38-35-T392

Bladen Coffee Living Set FALL

Element-Obsidian Sofa & Loveseat Set_3400

Hodan Marble Living Room Set 79700

Ava Cashew Living Room Set Update_4498

Palisades Porcini Living Set Update 4186

Anniston Carbon Living Set 4342

Anniston Saddle Living Room Set 1132

Breville Charcoal Living Set - summer special

Breville Chocolate Living Set - summer special

Riley Steel Reclining Set 35001__40840_updatedPrice

Waylon Mocha Reclining Set 69901_ContainerSpecial_v3

Daystar Seafoam Living Set 28200-MOOD-C

Forshan Nuvella Blue Set_66903-38-35-21-30-08

Forshan Nuvella Charcoal_66902-38-35-21-30-08

Darcy Sky Sofa & Loveseat Set 75006-38-35-T003_new

Darcy Blue Sofa & Loveseat_75007-38-35-T004

Darcy Blue Sofa Chaise_75007-18-SET

Darcy Black Living Set_75008-38-35-T003

Darcy Black Sofa Chaise & Loveseat_75008-18-35

Darcy Black Sofa Chaise_75008-18-T194

Aluria Living Set

Vanceton Living Room Collection

Franden Durablend Cafe Living Set 98800-38-35-T158-R228
Kinlock Charcoal Living Set 33400-38-35-25-T360

Aldie Nuvella Quartz Sofa Chaise_68702-18-SET

Forshan Nuvella Sand Sofa Love_66905-38-35-94705-08

Aldie Nuvella Blue Sofa Chaise & Loveseat_68703-18-35-21-30-08

Aldie Nuvella Blue Sofa Chaise_68703-18-SET-ALT
Gilmer Gunmetal Sofa & Loveseat 65603-38-SET

Levon Charcoal Living Set 73403-38-35-T479-L204

Malibu-Canyon-Buckhorn Loveseat Sofa Set__10100

Tapestry Ocean Cliff Ottoman

Abington Safari

Kieran Living Set

Kieran Living Collection

Tassler Mahogany Sofa & Loveseat 46502

Tassler Black Sofa & Loveseat 46501

8219 Veloce Living Room Set

Durablend Antique Living Set

Claremore Antique Collection wCutoutsPriced_Click 84303-38-35-T489-SD

Fresco Living Set 63100-38-35-T963-SD

Milan Reclining Living Room Set

Milan Chocolate Catnapper Sectional

Alturo REG Stock Set 60003-18-35-20-14-T388

Darcy Cobblestone Sofa & Loveseat 75005-38-35-T281

Darcy Cobblestone Sofa Chaise & Loveseat 75005-18-35-T408

Inmon Navy Living Set 65806-38-35-T160

Inmon charcoal set 65807-38-35-T408

Ava Cashew 3-PC Sectional 4498

3959-Hamilton By Bassett Sofa or Love ,$1,695 Reg $2,595--Matching Recliner or Chair Only $1,295, $495 Ottoman

Hamilton Bassett Furniture Recliner 3959_New

Bladen Coffee Sofa wRecliner Insert 12000-38-SET

Bladen Slate Sofa 12001-38-SET

Alenya Charcoal Special 2017 16601-38-SET

Alenya Quartz Sofa Special 2017 16600-MOOD-E

Gilmer Gunmetal Sofa 65603-38-SET

Hodan Marble Sofa 2017 Special 79700-18-11-T580

Gilmer Gunmetal Accent Chair 65603-21

Kannerdy Genuine Leather 2017 Multi-Pack_v2

Franden Durablend Cafe 2017 Multi-Pack

Lenoris Top Grain Leather Collection SPECIAL U98901-87-43-T477-OPEN

Kinlock Living Set 2017 Multi-Pack


Pardigm_Carbon_Living Set_66J

Drummond Sunset Sofa & Loveseat 4296

Drummond Dusk Sofa & Loveseat 4296

Hudson Steel Sofa & Loveseat 4396

Crompton Pewter Living Set 4462

3289_sutton_doe LivingSet_CALL




Dailey Midnight Living Room Set NLP

Darcy Sky Sofa Chaise & Loveseat 75006-18-35-T408

Darcy Stone Sofa & Loveseat 75000-38-35-T131-R135-SD

Darcy Stone Sofa & Loveseat 75000-18-35-T408

4502 Armstrong Snow Living Set

Armstrong Living Set

Armstrong Chocolate Living Set

Martinsburg Sofa & Loveseat

Martinsburg Arm Chair

Masoli Mocha Sofa & Loveseat - In Stock

Dominator Cafe Mocha NEW

Braxlin Charcoal Sofa Chaise and Loveseat

Waylon Mocha Reclining Set 69901

Alturo Dune Sofa Chaise 60003-18-SET (1)

Maverick Sofa Collection Graphite Bassett 3990 Reg

Tyson Sofa Collection Bassett 3972 Reg

Hyde Park Champagne Collection 3913 Reg

Corinthian Tahoe Living Set 987_Sage

Momentum_Magenta Sofa & Loveseat_7650

Delta City Chocolate Sofa 19702_ALT

Delta City Rust Sofa Living Collection 19701-38-34-08-T592-ENDS-ALT

Galand Umber Sofa & Loveseat_11700-38-35-T415

Galand Umber Chair & Half_11700-23-14

Melaya Pebble SofaLove

Tassler Crimson Living Set

Masoli Mocha Sectional - In Stock

Masoli Mocha Chair

Bladen Slate Living Set - summer

Havilyn Slate Living Set - Summer Special

Alenya Quartz Set

Alenya Charcoal LR Set

San Lucas JPEG

Yancey Walnut Leather Reclining Set

Montbrook Leather Living Set by Coaster

Victoria Leather Sofa & Loveseat

Hanin Spice Living Set

Hanin Lagoon Living Set

Hannin Stone Living Set

Alturo Dune Living Set

Hindell Park Putty Living Set

Barinteen Graphite Sofa Love

55300barcelona $799

Larkinhurst JPEG

Bradington Truffle JPEG


Darcy Salsa Living Room Special 75001-38-35-T180-SD

Darcy Cobbleston Living Set Special 75005-38-35-T003

Avalon Walnut Reclining Set

Centerhill Brown

Carmine Reclining Set

Carmine Smoke Living Set

Carmine Timber Sectional

Slidell Reclining Set

Kilzer Durablend Reclining Set

Keereel Sand Living Room Set_38200-38-35-T636

Zavier Truffle Wide Reclining Set 42901

Austere Canyon Wide Seat Reclining Set NLP

Tafton Java Reclining Set 2017

Toletta Chocolate Wide Reclining Set

Jodoca Driftwood Reclining Set

Safia Slate Living Room

Braddock Metal Living Set

Braddock Mineral Living Set

Tassler Collection Color Wheel

Cambridge Amber JPEG

Alexis Almond Sofa Loveseat COA-504391+92

Larkin Sofa Loveseat

Serena Oyster Sofa & Loveseat

Whitney Chocolate Collection

Dawson Redwood Collection

Hayden Bark Living Set

Hayden Dune Living Set

Burnsville Espresso SofaLove

Burnsville Espresso Chair

Dominator Cafe JPEG

Frontier Canyon JPEG

Pancho Slashed
Ulysses Slashed

Poncho Chocolate 71405_Living Room

Palisades Bronze Sofa Love

Nolan Godiva Reclining Wide Set UPDATE

Nolan Godiva Sectional

Nolan Chestnut Reclining Set UPDATE

98201 Corinthian Theater

Nairobi Saddle Reclining Set

Nairobi Charcoal Reclining Set

Bristan Living Set

Corvan Living Set

Belmont Umber Living Set

Belmont Mahogany Sofa

Paulie Durablend Living Set Color Wheel

Paulie Durablend Quarry Living Set

Paulie Durablend Taupe Living Set

Paulie Durablend Orange Living Set

Hindell Park Accent Chair

Jordan Java Sofa and Love SALE

Amazon Mocha Sectional.jpg

Sofia Accent Chair


Barkley Chocolate Sofa & Love

Barley Toast Living Room

Barkley Grey Sectional

Barkley Chocolate Sectional

Palisades Porcini Sofa Love

Palisades Bronze Sofa Love

Palisades Chocolate Sofa Love

Venora Chestnut wBrandy & Godiva

North Shore Living Room Set

Hutcherson Harness Living Set

Hutcherson Display Special Loveseat

21100-23-14 Hutcherson Harness Collection Chair - PRICED

21100-30 Hutcherson Harness Low Leg Recliner - PRICED

Big Game Mossy Oak Living Set

Huntley Infinity Mossy Oak Living Set

Huntley Real Tree Mossy Oak Living Set

Pikka Gray 67201-65-T204 Priced

Banner Coffee Sofa Love

Frontier Canyon Recliner 375 JPEG

Axiom Walnut Top Grain Living Set

Axiom Walnut Chair and half

Acklin Sofa and Love


9400_St Martin Havanna wTablePricing


44601-38-35-T204 Bastrop Durablend Midnight -- PRICED

44601-25 Bastrop Durablend Midnight Recliner PRICED

44602-38-35-T180 Bastrop Durablend Crimson (Red) -- $695 -- T180-13 Only $195 Cocktail Table & 2 End Tables

Karolek Slate - Reclining Living Set JPEG

Barrettsville Reclining Set NEW

Barrettsville Reclining Sectional NEW








36901-Set- 2- Large





Masoli Mocha Sofa & Loveseat - In Stock