Living Room Sets

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* All Sets include Sofa and Love Seat.
** Call Alex for Matching Chairs, Recliners, Chase & Ottomans Available!

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Dorsten Sofa Loveseat Special_77204-38-35

Dorsten Sisal Sofa & Loveseat Special_77205-38-35-T384

Termoli Gray Sofa & Loveseat Special_72706-38-35-25-T003

Burgos Navy Sofa & Loveseat Set_32803-38-35-T295_CLEARANCE

Darcy Cobblestone Special_75005-38-35-T211

Dailey Chocolate Sofa & Loveseat_95403-38-35-T238_special

Speyer Teak Sofa & Loveseat Set_new_86002-38-35-25-T377

Bladen Coffee Sofa & Loveseat_12000

Bladen Slate Sofa & Loveseat Set_12001-38-35-T267

Aldie Nuvella Quartz Sofa Chaise_68705-18-SET

Aldie Nuvella Quartz Sofa Chaise_68702-18-SET

Levon Charcoal Sofa & Loveseat Set_73403-38-35-T131-SD

Calicho Cashmere Living Set_91202-38-35-60-T004_NEW

Calicho Cream Ecru Sofa & Loveseat_91203-38-35-T016

Element Obsidian Sofa & Loveseat Set_3400_Update

Accrington Living Set_70508-38-35-25-T350_Clearance

Accrington Granite Living Set_70509-38-35-25-T374-PILLOW_Clearance

Simmons Pompeii Silver Sofa & Loveseat_United Furniture_9770BR

Shiloh Sable Sofa & Loveseat_United Furniture_8073

Minhas Conversation Sofa & Loveseat Set_3700

Altari Slate Gray Sofa OR Loveseat Special_87213-38-35-T037

Darcy Cobblestone Sofa Chaise & Loveseat 75005-18-35-T408

Jarreau Gray Queen Sleeper Sofa_Update_11502-71-20-T270

Tibbee Slate Your Choice_99101

Aldie Nuvella Quartz Sofa Chaise & Loveseat_68705-18-35-T053safety

Aldie Nuvella Charcoal Living Set_68702-18-35-t114

Azaline Sofa & Loveseat Set_93202-38-35-25-T037-PILLOW

Soletren Ash CLEARANCE Specials_95103-38-35-44-T776_Layout_ALT

Soletren Stone Layout_95104-38-35-23-08-T776_Clearance

Mason Rain Living Collection Sofa OR Loveseat Special_2696-62A-Mason-FA18_YourChoice

Hunt Club Natural Sofa or Loveseat Special_2697-62A-HuntClub-FA18_YourChoice

Andrew Sofa OR Loveseat by Bassett_2694-62B-Andrew-FA18_YourChoice

Ava Cashew Living Room Set Update_InStock_4498

Anniston Carbon Living Set 4342_Special

4152_maddox_stone_ju1485_Living room set

Phineas_Driftwood Clearance Special_17200

Breville Chocolate Living Set - summer special

Olsberg Sofa & Loveseat Set_48701-38-35-T426_New

Harrietson Shell Sofa OR Loveseat Layout_76604_alt2

Stehela Silver Living Room Collection_33101-38-35-T326 (1)

Darcy Cafe Sofa Chaise & Loveseat 75004-18-35-T408

Bladen Coffee Sofa wRecliner Insert 12000-38-SET

Bladen Slate Sofa 12001-38-SET

Harrietson Shell Sofa & Loveseat_76604

Emelen Alloy Sofa & Loveseat_45600-38-35-T732_Layout

Kieran Living Collection

Kieran Living Set

Drummond Dusk Sofa Loveseat Set_4296_NewImage

Sumatra Java Sofa & Loveseat_Special_91603-38-35-T392_Clearance

Alenya Quartz Sofa & Loveseat Set_16600-38-35-60-T500

Alenya Charcoal Sofa & Loveseat Set_16601-38-35-08-T584-R401

Alenya Collection Layout Sofa or Accent Chair_16600-38-T-B

Basiley Pewter Sofa and Loveseat Set_49400-38-35-T145

Marciana Bisque Sofa and Loveseat Set_20901-38-35-T765

Delta City Steel Sofa 19700-38-SW

Jarreau Blue Sleeper Sofa_11503-71-OPEN

Drummond Sunset Sofa & Loveseat 4296

Coaster Gilmore Living Set_508542

Darcy Cobblestone Sofa & Loveseat 75005-38-35-T281

Tiarella Ash Sofa & Loveseat_72901-38-35-t099_update

Narzole Gray Sofa & Loveseat_74401-38-35-T351

Narzole Coffee Living Room Set_74402-38-35-T355_Clearance

Jarreau Blue 5PC Living Set Update_11502

Jarreau Charcoal 5PC Living Set_11502

LaVernia Navy Living Room Set Update_71304-38-35-22-T820

Mellila Beige Collection Layout_28302-38-35-23-T640

Savesto 3PC Sofa Layout_31104-64-46-65-PILLOW

Savesto Ivory 6PC Sectional_31102-64-46(2)-77-08-T536-PILLOW

Senchal Stone Slip Design Sofa & Loveseat_48401-38-35-T103-213 (1)2

Betrillo Grey Sofa OR Loveseat Special_40503-38-35-T037

Betrillo Salsa Sofa OR Loveseat Special_40504-38-35-T270

Betrillo Black Sofa OR Loveseat Special_40502-38-35-T003

Braemar Sofa & Loveseat Set_40901-38-35-T743

Braemar Brown Sofa Special_40901-38-SET

Stracelen Brown Sofa & Loveseat Set_80603-38-35-T824

Levon Charcoal Living Set 73403-38-35-T479-L204

Traemore Living Room Set_27403-38-35-T640

Quarry Hill Quartz Sofa & Loveseat_38701-38-35-T862-1

Anniston Saddle Living Room Set 1132

Larkinhurst Earth Living Set wInsert_31901-38-35-T277_ALT

Larkinhurst Earth Sofa_31901-38-SET

Breville Charcoal Living Set - summer special

Chaviano low profile Pearl White Sofa_505391

Candoro Oatmeal Sofa & Loveseat Special_11806-MOOD-C_wInsert

Gilmer Gunmetal Sofa & Loveseat 65603-38-SET

Milari Linen Living Room Set_13000-38-35-20-14-T668

Forshan Nuvella Charcoal_66902-38-35-21-30-08

Becca Beige Linen Sofa OR Loveseat_508421_508423

Montgomery Reversible Sectional_501697

506361 Margot Collection_Sofa OR Loveseat

Darcy Sky Sofa & Loveseat Set 75006-38-35-T003_new

Darcy Blue Sofa & Loveseat_75007-38-35-T004

Darcy Blue Sofa Chaise_75007-18-SET

Darcy Black Living Set_75008-38-35-T003

Darcy Black Sofa Chaise & Loveseat_75008-18-35

Darcy Black Sofa Chaise_75008-18-T194

Senchal Stone Sofa & Loveseat Set_48401-38-35-T103-213

Tensas Crimson Living Set_39603-38-35-T345

Tensas Black Sofa & Loveseat_39604-38-35-T136

Daylon Graphite Sofa & Loveseat_42304-38-35-T346

Millingar Smoke Sofa & Loveseat_78202-38-35-T276

Marrero Fog Sofa & Loveseat_23702-38-35-T635

Claremorris Sofa & Loveseat_18003-38-35-T316

Gavril Smoke Sofa & Loveseat_43001-38-35-T710

Praylor Slate Sofa & Loveseat Set_48901-38-35-T294

Parlston Alloy Sofa & Loveseat Set_78902-38-35-T436

Menga Rust Sofa & Loveseat_50501-38-35-T762

Bernat Sofa & Loveseat Set_35100-38-35-T584

Nicorvo Coffee Sofa & Loveseat_80505-38-35-T711

Leola Slate Sofa & Loveseat_53601-38-35-T859

3959-Hamilton By Bassett Sofa or Love ,$1,695 Reg $2,595--Matching Recliner or Chair Only $1,295, $495 Ottoman

Hamilton Bassett Furniture Recliner 3959_New

Allure Sofa by Bassett Furniture_Oyster

Allure Sofa by Bassett Furniture

Hunt Club Charcoal Sofa or Loveseat Special_2697-62B-HuntClub-FA18

Denali Chocolate Living Room Collection_4378_denali_chocolate_room_ju1620

Denali Steel Living Room Collection_4378_denali_steel_room_ju1621

Tibbee Slate Set Update_99101-38-35-T138

Tibbee Slate Chaise Updated_99101-15

Mandee Living Room Sofa & Loveseat_93404-38-35-21-T086

Charenton Charcoal Living Set_14101-38-35-11-T329

Sutton Cobblestone_3289

Sutton Cobblestone Sofa Special_3289

Banner Coffee Sofa Love

Axiom Walnut Sofa & Loveseat Set_42000-38-35-T616-SD_Layout

Element Obsidian Sofa & Loveseat Set_3400

Momentum Khaki Sofa & Loveseat Set_7650

Momentum Magenta Living Room Set_7650

San Marino Sofa & Loveseat Set_7900

Jitterbug Gray Sofa & Loveseat Set_1560_751

Bing Barley Sofa & Loveseat_16150

Bing Ash Sofa & Loveseat_16150

3289_sutton_doe LivingSet_CALL






Derekson Large TV Stand_W200-68

Barrish Sisal Sofa & Loveseat_update

Nokomis Charcoal Living Set_87701-38-35-T807

Dahra Jute Sofa & Loveseat Set_62802-38-35-T802-PILLOW

Darcy Cafe Sofa & Loveseat 75004-38-35-T003

Alliston Chocolate Living Set_20101-35-38

Waylon Mocha Reclining Set 69901_ContainerSpecial_v3

Landon Bassett Sofa_2648-62FC

American Casual Ellery Leather Bassett Loveseat_3101-42

American Casual Ellery Leather Bassett Sofa_3101-72LF

American Casual Ellery Leather Bassett Great Room Sofa_3101-82LCA

Decklyn Loveseat_Bassett_2775-42S

Decklyn Bassett Sofa_2775-62A

Casual Ellery Bassett_3101

Allouette Ash Living Set_93504-38-35-T086

Malibu-Canyon-Buckhorn Loveseat Sofa Set__10100

Tapestry Ocean Cliff Ottoman

Abington Safari

Fresco Living Set 63100-38-35-T963-SD

Milan Reclining Living Room Set

Milan Chocolate Catnapper Sectional

Ava Pepper 3-PC Sectional 4498

Alenya Charcoal Special 2017 16601-38-SET

Alenya Quartz Sofa Special 2017 16600-MOOD-E

Gilmer Gunmetal Sofa 65603-38-SET

Gilmer Gunmetal Accent Chair 65603-21

Darcy Salsa Living Room Special 75001-38-35-T180-SD

Darcy Cobbleston Living Set Special 75005-38-35-T003

Kannerdy Genuine Leather 2017 Multi-Pack_v2


Pardigm_Carbon_Living Set_66J

Hudson Steel Sofa & Loveseat 4396

Dailey Midnight Sofa & Loveseat_95402-38-35-T408

Darcy Sky Sofa Chaise & Loveseat 75006-18-35-T408

Darcy Stone Sofa & Loveseat 75000-38-35-T131-R135-SD

Darcy Stone Sofa & Loveseat 75000-18-35-T408

Emelen Alloy Living Set_45600-38-35-T732

Gailian Smoke Sofa & Loveseat_16901-38-35-T340

Ryler Steel Sofa & Loveseat_40201-38-35-T320-PILLOW

Fezzman Onyx Living Set_70416-38-35-25-T015

Terrington Harness Living Set_92903-38-35-T762-PILLOW

Strehela Living Room Set_33101-38-35-T326

Waylon Mocha Reclining Set 69901

Center Hill Black Reclining Sofa & Loveseat_9688-BLK

Center Hill Brown Reclining Sofa & Loveseat_9688-BRN

Austere Canyon Wide Seat Reclining Set NLP

Tafton Java Reclining Set 2017

Braddock Metal Living Set

Braddock Mineral Living Set

Alexis Almond Sofa Loveseat COA-504391+92

Dawson Redwood Collection

Nolan Chestnut Reclining Set_Jun2018

98201 Corinthian Theater

Bristan Living Set

Belmont Mahogany Sofa





Dailey Chocolate Sofa & Loveseat_95403-38-35-T238