Living Room Sets

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*Sets include Sofa and Love Seat unless otherwise noted.
** Call Alex for Matching Chairs, Recliners, Chase & Ottomans Available!

Caci Rug_5x7_R302002_InStock_2021

Kellway Bisque_98707-77-57-77_Clearance

Malacara Quarry Loveseat Clearance Special_58203-35-SET_2021

Callisburg Linen Sofa OR Loveseat Special_39001-38-35-T960

Haisley Ivory Sofa OR Loveseat Layout_38901-38-35-23-14-T921_Updated

Bladen Slate Sofa & Loveseat Set_12001-38-35-T267_Update

Bladen Coffee Sofa & Loveseat_12000_Update

Darcy Cobblestone Sofa and Loveseat_75005-38-35-T211_2021

Darcy Cobblestone Sofa Chaise & Loveseat 75005-18-35-T408

Gregale Coffee Your Choice Layout_91603_Update

Nesso Walnut XL Sofa OR Loveseat_49102-38-35-T411_2021_New

Miltonwood Teak Sofa OR Loveseat_85506-38-35-T317-13

Mabton Gray 3-PC Alternative_77005-58-46-97-13-T673

Altari Alloy Sofa & Loveseat_wReclinerInsert_87214-38-35-T115_July2021

Altari Slate Gray Sofa OR Loveseat Special_wReclinerInsert_87213-38-35-T037_July2021

Dorsten Slate Sofa Loveseat Special_77204-38-35_Updated

Sembler Cobblestone Sofa OR Loveseat Layout Special_23402-38-35-03-T751_2021

Drummond Steel Living Room Collection_Layout_4296

Velletri Pewter Sofa OR Loveseat_79604_Layout

Olin Chocolate Sofa OR Loveseat Layout_40002-38-35-T946

Dorsten Sisal Sofa & Loveseat_77205-38-35-T384_Special

Navi Slate Sofa and Loveseat_94002-38-35_June2021

Navi Coffee Sofa and Loveseat_94003-38-35_June2021

Accrington Living Set_70508-38-35-25-T350_2021

Accrington Granite Living Set_70509-38-35-25-T374-PILLOW_2021

Belcampo Java Sofa & Loveseat Special_1340

Daylon Graphite Sofa Or Loveseat Special_42304 Update

Maderla Pebble Sofa OR Loveseat_62002-38-35-T282

Maderla Walnut Sofa OR Loveseat_62002-38-35-T282

Stoneleigh Alabaster Sofa OR Loveseat Layout_85803-38-35-20-14-T743

Benbrook Ash Sofa OR Loveseat_77304-38-35-T145

Soletren Ash CLEARANCE Specials_95103-38-35-44-T776_Layout_Update

Soletren Stone Layout_95104-38-35-23-08-T776_Updated

Breville Chocolate Your Choice Layout_80003_Updated

Breville Charcoal Your Choice Layout_80004_Updated

Olsberg Steel Your Choice Layout_48701_June2021

Larkinhurst Earth Your Choice Layout_31901_Updated

Morelos Chocolate Sofa OR Loveseat_34502-38-35-T855

Morelos Leather Gray Sofa OR Loveseat_34503-38-35-T321

Traemore Linen Layout Special Limited_27403_A La Carte

Creeal Heights Sofa & Loveseat_80202-38-35-T099

Kennewick Shadow Living Room Collection_19803-38-35-21-08-T394

Customize This Sectional BannerSavesto Charcoal 3-Piece Modular Sofa_31104-64-46-65-PILLOW_June2021

Customize This Sectional BannerSavesto Ivory Modular 3 PC Sofa_31102-64-46-65_June2021

Claredon Linen Living Collection_15602-38-35-T827

Braemar Sofa & Loveseat Set_40901-38-35-T743_Update

Josanna Gray Living Collection_21904-38-35-T197

Josanna Navy Living Room Collection_21905-38-35-T910

Bales Taupe Upholstered 2-PC Loveseat_A3000244-GLAM-V

Bales Taupe Upholstered 3-PC Sofa_A3000244-GLAM-SQ

Bales Taupe Upholstered Modular Collection_Living_A3000244-APT-V-A

Kellway Bisque Loveseat_98707-77(2)

Kellway Bisque Loveseat_98707-77-57-77

Kellway Bisque Sofa_98707-77-46-77

Kellway Bisque Party Sofa_98707-77-46-57-46-77

Santini Gray Flip Flop Armless Sofa_68004-45-UP-A4000232

Santini Black Flip Flop Armless Sofa_68005-45-UP-A4000232-ALT

Mirclay Ebony Flip Flop Sofa_74712-65-CONSOLE-UP

Sivley Brown Flip Flop Armless Sofa_69004-45-A4000231-UP-ALT

Sivley Charcoal Flip Flop Sofa_69003-45-UP-A4000074-ALT

Gladdis Gray Flip Flop Sofa_68206-65-UP-A4000230-ALT

Mesilla Marine Flip Flop Sofa_68104-65-UP-A4000231-ALT

Drescher Caramel Flip Flop Sofa_76803-65-A4000004

Havana Sofa Or Loveseat Special_Jackson_4350

Havana Cocoa Sofa Or Loveseat Special_Jackson_4350

Copeland Oak Sofa OR Loveseat by Jackson Furniture wRibbon_4482

Copeland Sable Sofa OR Loveseat by Jackson Furniture wRibbon_4482_new

Alyssa Pebble Sofa OR Loveseat_4215_July2021

Alyssa Latte Sofa OR Loveseat_4215_july2021

Ava Cashew Living Room Set Update_4498_July2021

Newberg Buff Living Room Collection_4421_July2021

Newberg Porcelain Living Room Collection_4421_July2021

Harriotte Black Tufted Living Collection Layout_26205

Zarina Jute Beige Sofa and Loveseat_Update_97704-MOOD-H

Abinger Living Room Collection 83905-38-35-T274_A La Carte

Abinger Natural Living Room Collection A La Carte_83904-38-35-T279-13

Tibbee Slate Your Choice_99101_Updated

Midwood Chocolate Sofa OR Loveseat_3291_ALT_July2021

Midwood Smoke Sofa OR Loveseat_3291_July2021

Lamar Shark Sofa OR Loveseat Special_4098_July2021

Lamar Cream Sofa OR Loveseat_4098_ALT2_July2021

Drummond Sunset Living Room Collection_Layout_4296

Drummond Dusk Living Room Collection_Layout_4296

Singletary Java Sofa OR Loveseat_3241_July2021

Singletary Nickel Sofa OR Loveseat_3241_July2021

Millingar Smoke Sofa OR Loveseat_78202

Gavril Smoke Sofa OR Loveseat_43001

Nicorvo Coffee Sofa OR Loveseat_80505

Alenya Charcoal Sofa & Loveseat Set_16601-38-35-08-T584-R401

Alenya Collection Layout Sofa or Accent Chair_16600-38-T-B

Abney Driftwood Sofa Chaise Collection_49701-18-20-14-T459_ALT

Venaldi Gunmetal Sofa with Movable Chaise_91501-18-T240_Layout

Jarreau Gray Queen Sleeper Sofa_Update_11502-71-20-T270

Jarreau Blue Sleeper Sofa_11503-71-OPEN

Lawthorne Slate Living Room Layout_32603-38-35-20-14-T733_Update

Banner Coffee Leather Sofa OR Loveseat_50404-38-35-T697_new

Beamerton Vintage Living Room Collection_87901-MOOD-H_Layout

Dorsten Slate Sofa Chaise wMovable Ottoman_InStockSpecial_77204-18-MOOD-H

Dorsten Sisal Sofa Chaise wMovable Ottoman_InStockClearance_77205-18-MOOD-H

Enderlin Ink Sofa OR Loveseat_17801-38-35-08

Einsgrove Embry Sofa Or Loveseat Special_Layout_ALT_32302-38-35-23-14-A3000044-T813


Zeller Cream Sofa OR Loveseat_4470_July2021

Stracelen Sable Living Sofa Loveseat Collection_80603_Update

Briaroaks Mocha Sofa OR Loveseat_85905-38-35-T499

Coaster Gilmore Living Set_508542

Grant Steel Sofa & Loveseat Set_Catnapper_Jackson_4453_July2021

Grant Silt Sofa & Loveseat_Catnapper_Jackson_4453_July2021

Termoli Gray Sofa & Loveseat Special_72706-38-35-25-T003

Arroyo Caramel Living Sofa or Loveseat Layout_89401

Alliston Gray Sofa & Loveseat 20102-38-35

Alliston Chocolate Sofa & Loveseat 20101-38-35

Malacara Sofa OR Loveseat Special_58203_Update

Roleson Leather Sofa OR Loveseat_58702_Update

Calicho Cashmere Sofa OR Loveseat_91202

Hollyann RTA Rust Sofa_24401-38-SET

Hollyann RTA Gray Sofa_24402-38-SET

Hollyann RTA Blue Sofa_24403-38-SET

Banner Coffee Leather Sofa OR Loveseat_50404-38-35-T697

Darcy Cafe Sofa Chaise & Loveseat 75004-18-35-T408

Darcy Sky Sofa Chaise & Loveseat 75006-18-35-T408

Darcy Stone Sofa & Loveseat 75000-18-35-T408

Bladen Coffee Sofa wRecliner Insert 12000-38-SET

Bladen Slate Sofa 12001-38-SET

Betrillo Black Sofa OR Loveseat Special_40502-38-35-T003

Stracelen Brown Sofa & Loveseat Set_80603-38-35-T824

Chaviano low profile Pearl White Sofa_505391

Montgomery Reversible Sectional_501697

Darcy Mocha Living Room Set Special_75002-38-35-T361-SD_2021

Darcy Cafe Sofa and Loveseat_75004

Darcy Blue Sofa & Loveseat_75007-38-35-T004

Darcy Cobblestone Sofa and Loveseat_75005-38-35-T211_2021

Darcy Black Sofa and Loveseat_75008-38-35-T003

Darcy Stone Sofa and Loveseat_75000-38-35-T180-SD

Darcy Steel Sofa and Loveseat_75009-38-MOOD-H

Darcy Sky Living Set 75006-38-35-T003_2021

Darcy Salsa Sofa and Loveseat_75001-38-35-T003

Darcy Blue Sofa Chaise_75007-18-SET

Darcy Black Sofa Chaise & Loveseat_75008-18-35

Darcy Black Sofa Chaise_75008-18-T194

Allure Sofa by Bassett Furniture_Oyster

Allure Sofa by Bassett Furniture

Hunt Club Charcoal Sofa or Loveseat Special_2697-62B-HuntClub-FA18

Denali Chocolate Living Room Collection_4378_denali_chocolate_room_ju1620_July2021

Denali Steel Living Room Collection_4378_denali_steel_room_ju1621_July2021

Charenton Charcoal Sofa OR Loveseat_14101-MOOD-A

Derekson Large TV Stand_W200-68

Alliston Chocolate Living Set_20101-35-38

Landon Bassett Sofa_2648-62FC

American Casual Ellery Leather Bassett Loveseat_3101-42

American Casual Ellery Leather Bassett Sofa_3101-72LF

American Casual Ellery Leather Bassett Great Room Sofa_3101-82LCA

Decklyn Loveseat_Bassett_2775-42S

Decklyn Bassett Sofa_2775-62A

Casual Ellery Bassett_3101

Ava Pepper 3-PC Sectional 4498

Alexis Almond Sofa Loveseat COA-504391+92

Bladen Slate Sofa & Loveseat Set_12001-38-35-T267